The Who?

Hey! My name is Gaz, I’m Founder and lead videographer for Khuluma Studios. I’ve been driven to learn the art of filmmaking since the age of 17, when I first picked up a camera and started experimenting with all the buttons and switches.

My journey has taken me on a wide range of projects, from small-scale productions to major campaigns for international brands. I have experience working on bespoke video and photo assets for your marketing needs. I have endeavoured to build a reputation for delivering high-quality content that exceeds client expectations.

What I believe sets me apart is my commitment to being authentic and trustworthy as a brand. I also have a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and social media growth strategies. 

Why Me?

Major Projects

My History

Khuluma is a Zulu word which means to ‘Speak Up’. When I was being brought up in South Africa his nanny called me Khuluma as a nickname, because I wouldn’t stop talking. As I grew up, voicing my opinions become an integral part of my life and ethos. I believe that everyone deserve a voice and everyone has the right to speak up. 

When I left the University of Gloucestershire in 2021, I embarked on the journey of taking my video side hustle and starting my own video production company. 

I want to help individuals and businesses voice their message, brand and products so that they can be felt/seen/heard by their audience. I believe that everyone has a voice and I will just help you articulate and effectively communicate that voice.

My Future

Khuluma Studios is very much up and coming and slowly but surely building on its client base. I value quality relationships with clients over quantity of clients. This means that we are focusing on delivering the best experience we can to a select number of clients. 

I am always open to having a conversation about adding future cliental to my list and if that is something you’re interested in then please don’t hesitate to get in contact at info@khulumastudios.com

I believe by 2030 Khuluma Studios will be one of the most comprehensive video production agency’s in the Surrey and Sussex area. I have goals to be international by 2026.

My Values


Resilience is paramount to improving and meeting to goals I aim to achieve. "The weights don't get lighter, I get stronger"


Being authentic means not allowing culture to dictate who I should be but instead being a trend setter and influencing culture


I believe that humility is essential for trust to flourish, my priority as a brand is to allow your voice to be heard, not mine